Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Luke 5:1-11, Bible Study Devotion. “What will you do when Jesus gets into your boat?”

Read Luke 5:1-11

Let’s look at Simon to start. Notice the difference in his attitude to Jesus as the story progresses. Is there anything that can be learned?

Simon is going through life like normal. He is involved in his trade, but around him there are things of God going on. It does not say if he was listening or if he was not. Let’s be Simon for this study. You are busy, but over your shoulder is a large crowd. I’m sure you are at least half listening to what is going on. Jesus is famous at this time, as we learned in the chapters before. I’m sure you know who is speaking. …But you don’t leave your work to check it out.

Next Jesus approaches you and gets into your boat. You are thinking, “What is he doing? What does he want with me? Why is he in my boat?” Now you are paying attention… He then asks you for a favor. (We don’t know what Simon is thinking here. Does he think, “Jesus is a celebrity. I’ll take him in my boat.” Or does he think, “Maybe I should listen closer to him.” Or is Simon just a really nice guy who drops his work all the time to help out other people? Whatever the thought process, Simon is now paying full attention to Jesus.

After Jesus is finished speaking he tells Simon to go back out and drop his net again. This goes against all logic. He is thinking, “I just got done fishing and nothing. Not only that, I just got done cleaning my nets out. Why waste my time again?” But to his credit, he obeyed Jesus. He is doubtful, but he takes a leap of faith anyway.

Next their nets fill to the point of breaking. This is when Simon realizes that he is a sinful man. Why now? He had already been in the presence of the Lord for quite some time. It is now that Simon realizes that the Messiah had just gotten into his boat. It was at this time when Simon realizes that he had sinned against God. He was so shame filled that he asked Jesus to go away. Not to look at him. He felt unworthy. It is at this time when he accepts Jesus as Lord.

Jesus tells him to not fear. Come with me and I’ll make you fishers of men. At this, they pulled their boats on shore, left everything and followed him. The day started like any other day…and a few hours later, you leave your old life behind to follow Jesus. You were a fisherman by trade. You were a fisherman for years. That is the life you know and are comfortable with. But you got a glimpse of what life with Jesus can be like. You spent one afternoon with Jesus and changed your whole life.

(Because Simon walks away from his life as a fisherman, it can be assumed that he did not see Jesus as a golden goose. It does not say that Simon said to Jesus. Stay here and help me get rich fishing. With you in the boat we can make more than any other in the business.)

So what does this mean to you? Are you listening to God? Is he off in the back ground? Will you let him get into your “boat?” Will you listen to him? Will you follow him?

You don’t really feel that special… You don’t have a God type life… Neither did Simon. He was a fisherman. You don’t feel worthy to be in the presence of Jesus… Neither did Simon. But he wanted him anyway. …Just the way he was; smelly from fishing. A sinner…

Here I am. I stand at the door and knock… (Rev 3:20) He does want to get into your boat. Will let him and see what happens?

Written by Chris Vasecka

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